I’ve always been fascinated with games. The way they drive social interaction, the way they engage you with yourself, even the way they allow you taste bitter defeat without actually causing you to lose anything. Growing up, if it was a game then I played it. From card games, (traditional playing cards and collectible card games) book and dice role playing games, (mainstream and non mainstream games), Board games (casual and advanced) and especially electronic games (most consoles, and PC). I even used to play verbal games when the above weren’t available (like 20 questions and “slime”)

Over time I realized I had a knack for turning normal tasks into games and this made me perform things better because I was enjoying myself.. Overtime as gaming evolved I became enthralled with games that featured “Meta-game” mechanics.

Eventually I learned that people in my life really enjoyed watching me play games (because of my method of learning quickly and my calm demeanor in the face of adversity). Which led me to sharing my gameplay online at YouTube for the family in my life to watch me play games even when I was away from them. Imagine my surprise when YouTube messaged me because I had started to accrue subscribers.

Now YouTube and featuring my gameplay is my ultimate goal. I strive to embody how games are “thought to be played” by the developers and to unite a community that allows gamers of all types and backgrounds to join together. I strive to find the meta-game of life that we can play…

Why the fire? Well you see.. I’m capricious, easily changing course with the wind. I catch on things quickly and spread to lots of different places. Oh yeah… I also try to illuminate things with my presence as I’m perpetually positive and easy going.

My home life IRL? Well I get asked this stuff a lot. Let’s just say.. I’m married with 3 children and I work a day job to pay the bills.. I’m not really ready for an AMA yet =P